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Using ANNDEC Consulting's unique approach of working closely with its clients at all stages of the Business Review Process ANNDEC Consulting helps deliver the following benefits:


  •  Innovative tailor-made Business Process Solutions
  •  Productivity Savings - Time, Labour, Costs
  •  More Profitability for your business
  •  Increased Business Opportunities
  •  Improved Business Highlight Reporting
  •  Improved Information, Business Process and Paper Flows

At ANNDEC Consulting we often find that prior to dealing with us our clients receive plenty of information from their various business systems. However, often such information gathers dust and is not telling our clients anything valuable to help them run their businesses.

By working closely with ANNDEC Consulting our clients are able to get real information to help run their business. How?

* ANNDEC Consulting makes sure it fully understands its clients' needs - unlike other consultancies whose consultants have never worked in the 'real world' of industry our consultants know what real business is like.

* ANNDEC Consulting looks at the core pieces of information and business processes that each client needs to run their business in the most effective way possible. ANNDEC Consulting then recommends any necessary changes to its clients.

Finally ANNDEC Consulting helps clients with any change processes necessary to improve their business.

ANNDEC Consulting focuses on providing creative problem-solving solutions in two key critical areas of business - General Management , and Finance .

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your particular needs.

ANNDEC Consulting,
Unit 3, George's Dock, International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), Dublin 1, Ireland.

Tel.: +353-87-2833-312


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